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The financial decisions we make in our lives actually provide a witness to what is of greatest importance to us. Planned giving is one of those vital financial decisions and is a measure of our love for our families and our church. The St. Paul’s Memorial Church Legacy Program encourages you to make these important choices with respect to your estate and will provide the assistance you need to do so.

Scripture teaches us that as stewards of God's creation we are responsible for using what we have been given to benefit his kingdom. As Christians, we believe that ultimately everything in this world belongs to God, so it is only fitting that we return a portion of our blessings to him. Since we are only trustees of the possessions and wealth in our keeping, we must use them for a faithful purpose...for the good of all.

We know the joy we receive when we give to God through the church, and we have seen the astonishing way God transforms lives by using our tithes and offerings. But planned giving goes beyond contributing generously on a monthly or annual basis. Through the St. Paul’s Memorial Church Legacy Program, you can share in a vision for the future by taking advantage of planned giving opportunities that honor God, provide an enduring witness to your faith, and benefit your family.


Consider these commendable reasons to include a planned gift to St. Paul’s in your estate plans:


  • You believe in the future of St Paul’s. Can you imagine a time when St. Paul’s will not be on the corner of University Avenue and Chancellor Street, welcoming all to worship and providing a base to reach out to God's world? A vital parish is dependent on the financial support of its members.
  • You believe that all we have is a trust from God. God has blessed us in many ways. As stewards of these blessings, we are called to return a portion to Him.
  • You want to have a sense of permanence about what you contribute to St. Paul’s. A bequest or gift to the St. Paul’s Memorial Church Foundation can provide a permanent fund to support the mission and programs of our parish. If you have a passion for a particular area of ministry, your bequest can be designated for a specific purpose, such as outreach, music, youth or buildings and maintenance.
  • You want to "go the extra mile" in providing for ministries and programs that formerly (due to budget constraints) were only dreams. To appreciate this point, all you need to do is sit in on one of the vestry meetings to learn how many difficult choices have to be made each year, given the limited amount of available funds.
  • You want to create a legacy that future generations can celebrate as joyfully as we celebrate our rich heritage today. You don't have to be a member of St. Paul’s very long to easily recognize how blessed we are today because of the dedication and financial support of so many of our parishioners throughout the history of our church.

For more information about specific planned giving vehicles, call the parish office or consult your financial adviser.

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