Parking on Sundays


The Book of Common Parking (BCP)

New Revised Standard Version

The vestry of St. Paul's Memorial Church recognizes the difficulties that many parishioners and visitors experience parking and offers this guide to assist. Kindly bear in mind the following:

  • A short walk from one of the outlying parking areas can provide a healthful opportunity for reflection and personal preparation for the service. Please take advantage of all parking opportunities.
  • Consider car pooling as a sociable way to reduce the demand for parking while supporting good stewardship of the environment.
  • Avoid parking in spaces marked "Reserved at all times."
  • In some cases prayer may be helpful in locating a good parking spot, but overall the best strategy for finding a preferred spot: ARRIVE EARLY.
  • The Chancellor St. parking lot (location 7 on the map) should be used on Sundays by those with special needs (elderly, families with toddlers & infants, the physically impaired, visitors and newcomers).
  • Some parking areas (locations 1, 9 and 10 on the map) require submission of a signed current church service bulletin to the parking attendant for free parking.
  • Some parking areas (locations 8 and 11) require a St. Paul's parking pass. Ask an usher for a pass if you need one.

Please refer to the parking map below more details.

St. Paul's Sunday Parking Map

  1. Central Grounds Parking Garage (400 spaces) (requires church bulletin for free parking)
  2. Newcomb Rd.,behind Alderman Library (20 spaces)
  3. Culbreth Road Parking Garage (560 spaces)
  4. Rugby Rd., behind Madison Bowl (34 spaces)
  5. Madison Hall (31 spaces)
  6. Behind St. Paul's Church (3 spaces located by the church school awning - one of which is for handicap. Do not park in spaces set aside for staff)
  7. Chancellor St. Lot (40 spaces - NOT on deck)
  8. Elliewood Parking lot (lower level only - access from Elliewood Ave. - 44 spaces - requires St. Paul's parking pass)
  9. Behind College Inn (72 spaces) (requires church bulletin for free parking)
  10. 14th St. Parking Garage (175 spaces) (requires church bulletin for free parking)
  11. Behind Ragged Mountain Running Shop (8 spaces) (requires St. Paul's parking pass)


Parking on Weekdays

Parking at St. Paul’s during a weekday is always a challenge. If the lot across from St. Paul’s on Chancellor St. is full (15 spaces on weekdays, 40 spaces on Sundays), the following nearby facilities offer paid parking.

•    Elliewood Avenue Parking Lot (2): Drive east on University Avenue half a block and turn left onto Elliewood Avenue. Park under the deck. Piedmont Virginia Parking Co - 104 14th St NW Charlottesville, VA 22903. Phone: (434) 295-7836
•    The Corner Parking Lot (3): Drive east on University Avenue a block and a half and turn left into the alley just before Littlejohn’s New York Deli. 1501 University Ave Charlottesville, VA 22903. Phone: (434) 977-0628
•    The 14th Street Parking Garage (4): Drive east on University Avenue about two blocks and turn left on 14th street just after the railroad underpass. Turn right on Wertland Street. Entrance to the garage is on the right. Piedmont Virginia Parking Co - 104 14th St NW Charlottesville, VA 22903. Phone: (434) 295-7836

St. Paul's Weekday Parking Map

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